Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New & Improved

Our New Website is Live!

Change can be hard to embrace, but in the world of technology and the internet, it nearly happens on a daily basis!

We're trying to do our part in keeping up with the new website technology, so we've launched a new website and hope you'll find it as easy to use as it is to maintain! Here's a screen shot of it...

You can find us online at VisitBrenhamTexas.com, just like before! Within our site you can find lodging and book a room, peruse all the dining options for our area, plan a getaway, see what events are coming up and so much more!

And if you've gotten used to our "5 on FRIDAY" blogs, they will now be found there. Look for THE SCOOP at the very top or bottom of each page. Here's a glimpse of what it looks likes...

If you have any trouble at all, please let us know! We want to make sure it's easy to find the info you're looking for and that you enjoy visiting Brenham & Washington County!

We'll see you soon! :-)

1 comment:

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